Print Services Phoenix

Wonderful local small business and place to get your printing done. It is run by friendly folks. Prices are affordable and quality is spot on. Friends get their stickers, brochures, print ads, banners, or business cards printed here almost every week for my business purposes. I came to print services Phoenix  after a not-so-great experience with my usual “go-to” printer in the city of 3 years. I was so unhappy with my printed proofs, but my printer told me this was as good as it was going to get. I trusted them, but I didn’t want to believe it. So I decided to check out print services Phoenix for a second opinion, and boy am I glad I did! They were so nice. They listened to my qualms, looked over my proofs, and told me they could absolutely be better. Their team got to turn around a print proof within 5 minutes and calmed my anxieties. The proofs looked great and I was able to pick my finished products up the next day. Talk about speed and quality! Pricing was on point as well.  Perfection! I had the pleasure of working with them who were swift, responsive and very helpful!

A friend was throwing a birthday party for her children…which she will be doing, without guilt, for as long as she can get away with it! The first day she sat in front of her computer looking up invitation ideas. The second day she tried to make said ideas come to fruition. She said that she is not as computer savvy as she once was about 15 years ago, because her genius plan was to use Microsoft Paint to create the extraordinary birthday invitations. Two painful hours later…she was still staring at Microsoft Paint, well, a blank screen any ways.

She digress. I contacted print services Phoenix and that same day she had a digital proof her my inbox! She made a few adjustments, which they were happy to oblige. Two days later my friend was happily licking envelopes and getting ready to mail those beauties out!

As far as my friend is concerned, print services Phoenix is some sort of wizard. And she liked it. A lot. She said that she will be using this company again without question and will gladly refer them to friends and family! She said that the quality work on top of an amazing customer experience.

Another friend had the tiniest little stationery job and had emailed a few local printers about a quote. Some never responded and of the few that did, none but print services Phoenix gave him a truly helpful response, answered his questions, and made him feel like they actually wanted my (albeit $120) order. The turn-around was incredible, my friend had his finished run in-hand 18 hours after delivering a “final” file, and that after a few rounds of back and forth where my friend changed his mind, trying to feel out this print shop. They were wonderful and accommodating. My friend said that he hopes to have more and/or bigger projects and excuses to work with print services Phoenix again.  He also had some bus cards  made up. He had an idea of what he wanted and left it with the graphic designer, came back the following morning and he was delighted with the sample and in the blink of an eye they had 500 printed out. They even gave my friend a tour of how everything works there!!  They have real passion for their work and they even threw in a few extra cards! From the designer to  printer to the receptionist and the owner all very professional and friendly.

I would recommend them without reservation. Me and friends have never had such excellent service at a print shop before, nor have I ever spent this little for such beautiful prints.  Don’t be wary of their website. Even if you are, at least go get a test print done.  I will certainly be using print services Phoenix for all of my future printing needs. Ridiculously fast, great service no matter the project size, and no nonsense. As good as it gets!

Payroll Company Phoenix

A friend is a small business owner Phoenix, and he have been using payroll company phoenix for about a year now. They have been excellent to work with, she received some very good advice when I opened her business. She recommends them to any business owner in Phoenix.  After opening her business, she needed to run Payroll for herself, an assistant, and an employee. The payroll company phoenix helped her not only do that but also advised her on ways to reduce her costs and taxes. Their communication and payroll services were excellent and clear. They keep everything turning so my friend can focus on her clients. They’re really responsive, have excellent details in their invoicing, and are often looking for ways to help my friend increase efficiency, protect herself, and minimize their billable hours. From the mundane credit card reconciliation to the in-the-trenches look at her tax records from before she started with them, they can do it all.  Don’t try to do your own payroll taxes. The key reason is that there’s a lot involved paperwork/filing-wise and unless you are diligent and thorough you can quickly be looking at significant IRS/State fees or penalties for misfiling or late filing of anything.

She really feel like she have a Swiss Army knife as her book keeper now.  At one point, my friend asked to reduce how often they ran payroll to reduce her payroll expenses, and they didn’t flinch – they asked questions to understand why she wanted it, and they really cared about how they could help my friend manage to make things easier and better for my friend. On MULTIPLE occasions, my friend needed advice on forms and info she was receiving from the EDD, and they were quick to answer.  My friend will be closing her business to reform it, so she won’t be working with them anymore, but they continue to impress my friend with their level of service and respect for my friend as a customer and person.  My friend said that there need to be more businesses like them. Trustworthy, a wealth of information, and always willing to go above and beyond to help anyone. My friend said that working with him was one of the best decisions she  made during the startup phase of her business and she cannot recommend them highly enough. My friend said that she believes that they are the best value in Phoenix for payroll services.

They have been an invaluable resource in connecting my friend with associates in other fields, such as, , insurance agents, 401K advisors, business attorneys, etc. Every one of their recommendations has been a great fit and they’ve all worked out well (in terms of getting the job done and being cost effective). This has been a great help to my and has served us much better than the constant trial and error you sometimes get when trying to find the right fit for these business services.

If you’re thinking about getting someone to take over your payroll – give them a call. Their fees are very reasonable, he’s very straight forward about his costs. And my friend cannot stress how much time and energy you’ll save by handing your payroll over to them.

AC Repair in Phoenix AZ

My brother had his AC and furnace replaced in late May. He went with what you list as the base choice. He paid more or less about the same. They put down a new pad for the compressor, and they had a small amount of sheet metal work to do because the new furnace was about a foot shorter than his 21 year old unit. Installation will included removing all of the old units and hauling them away. Custom installation of all new equipment listed in the package. They will make all needed flue pipe, sheet metal modifications, electrical connections and gas pipe hook ups as past of the job,  and they make all needed refrigerant line connections and set a new support pad for the a/c unit outside as they have discussed. They will cycle and run test the whole job and adjust the system as needed. They will broom sweep the work area and then review the whole job with you upon completion. Payment by check is due upon completion.


It’s been great since then. No issues whatsoever. His gas and electric have all been lower since then. So far, he had saved about $400 in electricity costs. He didn’t go with the 95% because his gas bills were already so low that the difference in cost of the unit and additional installation work would never have been recovered. A couple of weeks ago when it was 95 outside and the dewpoint was 70, the house stayed cool. His house was built in 1984 and the system was replaced in 1995. I think he purchased the house in 2001 or 2002. And, his is Carrier all the way. His house is about around 3400 sq/ft. Just my opinion, and I have zero training in the way of HVAC, but it seems to me these more expensive units have a lot of added plumbing to them and it just seems to gum up the works. I have a friend with a 2 stage Trane system that has both electric and gas heat on the furnace. It’s given him nothing but trouble since he got it a couple of years ago. He’s contacted ac repair in Phoenix AZ to come fix it and they were able to fix. Until now his 2 stage Trane system works like a new system. And they had to remove some landscaping stones because the condenser unit had to be moved away from the house to leave room for the vents.


The company is a reputable one and highly reviewed online. We’ve also used them in the past off and on for about 15 years. It’s a 30+ year old company. So I don’t necessarily have an issue about them making things up or trying to recommend unneeded work.

Here is the message he sent him:

As you may recall, the reason why I was there was because our service technician found some safety issues with the furnace heat exchanger and issues with the a/c system. Additionally, there was some discussion on improving the air flow through the system and how best to that. When we met, I noticed some areas of concern that were restricting air flow, such as how the old a/c coil was positioned over the furnace and how large the supply duct work was compared to the size of the furnace and it’s blower delivery. We spoke of how to improve these areas of concern by using properly matched cased coils above the new furnace and talking to you about the advantages of the newer blower motors used in our furnaces today. Having the proper matched components installed together will ensure that you get the best air flow rates and capacities out of the system, which certainly will help moving more air flow to your son’s room. All of this being said, I firmly believe that you should replace both units at the same time to mitigate the problems and gain the greater comfort and reduced utility bills.

*This package does not qualify for any utility, manufacture or federal rebates

*This package offers better heating with the stage operation on the furnace and stronger blower motor. The new a/c unit is 35% more efficient than your old one–and being the newer refrigerant model–will offer better cooling.


Moving to Glendale

Incredibly beautiful and amazingly diverse lands,the pictures you have in your head of old western movies,many of which were filmed in Sedona, and Grand Canyon. It’s a wonderful state to explore and each area has something special to offer. It would be best of course if you could get out there beforehand to pick where you want to live. Love the sun especially having spent a cold winter in Boston. Traffic is not as bad as in Los Angeles. Have to travel quite a bit to our favorite resturants though. Arizona has plenty of hidden treasures; you may find during your research or from talking to others some place you’d never considered–or even heard of before.
Moving to Glendale AZ

While any agent will tell you that they can handle your transaction regardless of where the home is, as a practical matter a local agent will probably do a better job for you.

I’d contact a very good and trustworthy realtor like Deborah Mitchell for Glendale homes for sale. If they don’t work the area you want, you could pick their brain and have them recommend an area based on your description and refer you to another Realtor. Or find ind a Glendale magazine and some newspapers (may be available online), or do a search for “Glendale real estate” or something along those lines.  Those local free real estate magazines can give you an idea of what areas strike your fancy–as well as to give you a “ball park” on going prices. And there’s nothing like an in-person visit with an “open” itinerary–keep your options open, sometimes Kismet happens! There is a big difference between driving around a neighborhood and seeing a “nice new” house on-line. A lot of clients I have worked with in the past have interviewed agents. That way you can get a feel for who would be a good fit for you. Come prepared with a lot of questions. Also, ask friends, family and co-workers for referrals. Chances are they have worked with someone great! But also spending some time in downtown Glendale to figure out which neighborhoods you would be comfortable owning property in.

I used a moving company that did it all for me and it was a hassle too – if you use one make sure you read the fine print on the insurance – I thought I had but when it came time to collect on a ton of damaged stuff the insurance was no where to be found and I really had to fight for months on end to get it settled.

Glendale is a great place to live. There are some really nice areas. If you look around Glendale, try and stay as north as possible. Since your hospital is near 59th ave, I’d go up (north) that street about 5-8 miles, and you will be in the Arrowhead Ranch master planned community (or surrounding neighborhoods). It’s a very safe area with lots of shopping. Your commute would be a BREEZE. There are mountains and lots of trails that many people go on, but you’ll be seeing dirt and that’s about it- no trees.

Please be assured that there are many wonderful, well-kept, safe areas in Glendale, and you do not have to live way up in the northern reaches to be in a safe area. Demographically,  the people there are Caucasian, university graduates. I just want to point out that some posters seem to fear living closer to downtown Phoenix because they perhaps are afraid of diversity. I have friends that are so happy to be more centrally located and able to avoid traffic jams on the freeways, and know they can even take public transportation if the gas price goes up. You’ll enjoy living closer to old town Glendale, with the railroad running through town, with the old houses, town square, antique shops, library, and band shell in the park. There are many nice areas — you have to come and look. And there is always the option of renting while you get to know the area a little better. There is a very nice subdivision with well-constructed solid block homes adjacent to the hospital — it would be a great place to live. You would be within walking distance of Saguaro Ranch Park, the hospital, the Post Office, Walgreen’s, Home Depot, a grocery store, Applebee’s and other restaurants, the Glendale Adult Center, the main Glendale Library, and Saguaro Ranch Elementary School, which is in the Peoria School District, and several churches. It’s a wonderful location — you could walk to work and lots of other places, too! The neighborhood around there is very pedestrian friendly — you can walk to all the places I just mentioned, which is unusual in the car-oriented Phoenix area.

Downtown Glendale

Downtown Glendale Antiques

glendale arizona twilight farmers market

Downtown Glendale

Historic Downtown Glendale Holiday Season

Downtown Glendale Az Christmas Season

Downtown Glendale Az Christmas Season

Arizona also has plenty of hidden treasures; you may find during your research or from talking to others some place you’d never considered–or even heard of before.

north glendale az mountain overview


glendale arizona Cardinals Stadium

Glendale Arizona Sunset

Car Wraps

For those who have done it or are considering it, what’s the thinking behind ‘wrapping’ the car in another color? I guess I get it if it’s an odd color, but a some friends have recently talked about wrapping satin white over a black paint. Why not get the pearl white car. Columbus Ohio car wraps is cheaper  than it is to repaint. It is a pain to keep a black car looking clean. Dust just seems to show more on dark cars IMHO. I’ve owned black cars in the past and will never again. At least not until I can afford to have it detailed once a week (or more often). They do look awesome when clean!

There’s also the repair factor. If the wrap shows scratches or marks, no biggie. It can be replaced entire or in part. Paint, not so much. At least not oven-baked multicoat “with a piano finish”.

As an aside, in Germany most of the Taxi cars are wrapped in that awful off-white color. This way it is easier to sell the car later on – just remove the wrap and you have the “original color back – like blue, black, red, etc. and it is more resilient to scratches and much cheaper to replace.

I saw someone put a 3M Autobond on a Mercedes S-class in 2001 and it still looks like it rolled off the showroom floor save a pebble mark or two on the upper hood, which was easily addressed with a dab of touch-up paint. Wrapping the whole car is like putting a screen protector on your iPad or iPhone- great if you’re OC, but otherwise of little real utility.

A lot of people also recommends Columbus Ohio Banners. Here’s a testimonial from their client ”I’m extremely pleased with the quality, precision and consistency that Atchley Signs & Graphics utilizes when producing our trade show graphics. Trade show displays continue to be an important part of our marketing strategy, with over 100 trade shows each year, it’s a great feeling to know that we can depend on Atchley Signs & Graphics great work. ”

Don’t consider doing the job yourself. I wouldn’t do a car wrap on a bet (though I occasionally get stuck doing box trucks.) Contact Atchley Signs & Graphics, they can walk you through the design layout aspect including the bleeds needed and sometimes the things to watch out for.

Pricing information for vehicle wraps, paint protection, and trade show banners can be found on their website, or of you would like a specific quote, feel free to email them.

car wrapscar wraps



Athens Ohio Realtor

If you are thinking of quitting your job and become an Athens Ohio realtor because a friend or a family member is successful with the real estate business.  First, do not wave the discount flag. If something goes wrong with a transaction and it is swirling around the bowl, sometimes you will have to kick in some of your commission to salvage it. If you are already discounting, you are going to have little to nothing to kick in. And another down side about discounting, your services should be worth what people pay. If you are going to start off with discounts, is it really placing the appropriate value on your service? I know I bust my bottom for my clients and they know it, so they compensate me accordingly.

Second, talk to everyone! Take yourself out to breakfast and chat with the waitress if she knows anyone who wants to buy or sell a home? If she thinks of anyone, she will have your card. Get into the habit of doing this with everyone you meet. Find out a bit about them first, then start talking about real estate in general. If you come across as knowledgeable and hard working, you will get business. It doesn’t cost a lot of money, just a lot of time, but it pays off.

Third, if you don’t have listings to advertise or hold open, ask the another Athens Ohio realtor in your office if you can hold open one of theirs. Send out flyers on the open house to all the neighbors. Start to farm the area around your own home, sending out a newsletter every other month, and getting involved with community groups. Join BNI or any other networking groups that you feel comfortable with. Do you volunteer? Fund raise for the local animal shelter, join Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Friends of the Library, etc. – anywhere you can meet people.

I’ve gotten business from the grocery store line, people I talked to while walking the dog, even from a quite tipsy gal I met in a bar bathroom. People want to do business with a smart, trustworthy agent – be one, and make sure everyone knows it.

Do not hound your friends and family for contacts. The only other good way to alienate those folks is to start selling Mary Kay or something. Ask once in a blue moon if the timing seems right, maybe they ask how it is going for you. Say something like, “I am out there everyday trying to get customers. Do you know of anybody thinking of buying or selling?”

Try try try to stay positive and spend time with positive people. It is really easy to get down for some, especially when all this money is going out and you are not getting checks.

Logistics Management Software

The days that you needed to work hard and slog away at paper work all day are gone.  It is an irony that technology has brought relief to many, but it has only increased the competition to such that even small companies are turning on the heat on big companies. Few years back it was a so and so company that was leading the charts at an all time high. However, these days you will find that even small companies are giving these so called big companies a run for their money. The transportation industry among others is one of most competitive business industries as of now. Thanks due to the global economic situation many companies are becoming more dependent on logistics management software. The main reason for that can be due to the fact that everyone wants a share of their pie.

Technology has changed the world indeed so who wants to be left out.  Many organizations worldwide want to move their logistical products, inventory, office machineries, ducts,  from one location to another. Due to this many transportation companies think on the best and cost effective transportation method that can deliver the product on time and increase the productivity for them using less labor.  Large organizations let a third party handle all the updates for freight transportation in this kind of scenario. Many freight carrying services are providing their prices in which can be got from internet search engines. In countries like the United States, many transportation companies which are fairing badly even till date are utilizing software. Let us see few points that are given below by which logistics management software can help a business do well and get profits Improves transparency: The transparency in the logistical operations is improved with the logistics management software almost immediately, which of course, saves a company both time and money. This usually happens during the tracking package shipment and delivery which helps the costs to stay under control. Speed: Data that’s assimilated tends to move rapidly. Manual work tends to take lot time and the accuracy is always not perfect. Shipping companies which like to obtain companies that are offering the best shipping needs with logistics management software realize the benefits immediately as they can get back a payback scenario immediately. If you are from the shipping industry or working as a logistics manager in a shipping company, then you might want to give the above points in the article a try. You will surely notice that your business is doing fine and you will reap the fruits of your labor using logistics management software very soon. So hurry up and get yourself with the best logistics management software there is in town.

Trade Show Displays

Capturing the largest number of audience  at trade shows is the goal of every exhibitor.  Setting effective and realistic trade show measurements and objectives must be included when planning a trade show success. The rest of your show will fall into place if your show’s objective is effectively planned. Choosing the right measurement tools enables  exhibitors to draw the correct conclusions following their trade show exhibits performance. Tapping into the technology available will make the most of a trade show opportunity. Motion, light and sound will surely catch the eyes of the attendees.

A well-designed exhibit should also be included in a trade show plan because it is so effective in getting messages to a target audience and cutting through the clutter of trade shows. When people pass by your trade show booth, they must notice your display. You’ve only got 5 to 10 minutes to grab the attention of the trade show attendees walking passed your booth. Your design must distinguish your booth from all the other trade show booths. It all comes down to communication. A”catchy” display uses a bright, full-color background image with memorable tagline, slogan, or catch-phrase that draws your prospective customers to know your product/service further and to provide a lingering effect on them. Trade show displays should also be well lighted as it boosts your display’s visual appeal and commands attention at the same time.

This may sound trivial, but how well you present your trade show display may decide whether or not you get the help or business in the future. Indeed, trade show displays are a great tool to seek out your target market. It can dramatically help a business experience faster growth and brand identity if executed precisely and effectively.

Important Information on Thailand Company Registration

The number of foreign visitors in Thailand has increased tremendously over the past few years. This has been attributed to the unprecedented economic growth in Thailand, strong support from the Thai government, adequate infrastructure and skilled work force. These are the same reasons why registering a company in this South East Asian country is an attractive investment.

Thailand company registration has considerably increased over time. Registration is normally open for three types of companies, namely Thai limited company, Thai Partnership and Thai representative office. The most common business form exploited by foreign investors is the Thai limited company.

Registration Process

For successful company registration, the majority of the company shares have to be held by Thai citizens. Registration of a limited company requires at least 3 shareholders and a minimum of one director. The process of company registration in Thailand is mostly straightforward, but foreigners may often experience a few difficulties. The entire process takes 2-4 weeks depending on the nature of workforce at various levels of the process. The registration process involves the following legal requirements and steps.

Registering the Company Name

Firstly, the company needs to apply for the permission to use the reserved name of the company, which must not be similar or close to that of other companies. It is usually recommended that you reserve 3 company names in the order of priority to increase the odds of success. Registering the company name can be done either through websites or at the Department’s Registrar.

Filing the Memorandum of Association

The next step is filling the Memorandum of Association, an agreement signed by the promoters of the company. Getting approval for memorandum of association to make the company a legal entity is usually done at the limited companies registrar. The memorandum has to be signed by at least three promoters and two witnesses. The application is required to contain information such as company name, nature of business activities, number of shares, the address, signature and ages of the promoters, and so forth.

The Statutory Meeting

The statutory meeting is an important step of the company incorporation. It can be held immediately after registering the Memorandum of Association. The purpose of this meeting is to adopt the company regulations, fix the amount to be paid to the promoters, approve any contracts signed by the promoters or any expenditures incurred in promoting the company. Disappointingly, this meeting is almost always a paper meeting.

Filling the Company Registration Documents

At this stage of registration, the Thai company shareholders may have to reveal their investment sources if some conditions are satisfied. All documents related to the registration of Vat Certificate and Tax ID Card should be submitted to the revenue department. Registration of Tax ID must be completed within 60 day after incorporation of the company. In addition, the process of getting a VAT Certificate requires you to get permission from the landowner of the company address that is if the company does not own the land completely.

The greatest advantage of Thailand company registration is less difficulty, besides the great speed of the registration process. Sometimes it is best to obtain legal assistance from a professional lawyer who will take care of all the legal entities involved in the company registration and make the process even much easier.

Payroll Time Clock

Companies that show efficiency in delivering their products and services have an upper hand in their particular enterprises. That is why many companies, big or small enterprises alike, seek business tools and solutions for their day-to-day operations to improve their efficiency and productivity. It therefore makes sense for businesses to treat these tools and solutions as long-term investments, for the cost savings that these tools could yield would more than outweigh the cost of installing these systems.

One such tool that could bring great benefits to a company, specifically a small or a start-up business, is the payroll time clock. Through this clock, the calculated payroll data can be put to better track employee hours, over-time and off time pay, in an easy-to-use system to manage a company’s hourly labor. More and more companies are enjoying the benefits of utilizing time clocks that allow them to regain control of their most costly expense, which is labor. As a business owner, it is critical for you to deal and master the round-the-clock environment of entrepreneurship so you could focus more on meeting your company’s target sales revenues above the break even point. Using a payroll time clock for your company will save you the trouble of those old fashioned time clocks and manual time cards, thus preventing manual calculations and reducing clerical errors. In addition, using a time clock will help make you run your business better by managing your resources well to produce utility and value-added product or service, and actually make your business a profitable one.

The way to a sustainable long-term future for many businesses is to use long-term investment that forms the backbone of a business for years to come. Discovering innovative, refreshing, and up-to-date business tools and solutions even if your company is a start-up will help give you a competitive advantage among the key players in your particular industry. Indeed, the value of a well organized and systematized company cannot be underestimated.