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December 2011

Student Financial Aid

Keeping up with the changing economic needs and market trends is a matter of survival. Financial expenses for studies are also constantly increasing nowadays and for most students and parents alike, it is a battle of anxiety. This is a common symptom among individuals who do not have a solid grasp of their financial picture. If […]

IT Solutions and Marketing Tools for your Business

Businesses whether big or small can benefit dramatically from effective solutions and tools for their enterprise, providing the agility needed to survive in an increasingly competitive industry.  Innovation is indeed a great ally to continually improve a company’s existing systems as it grows and makes its internal operations even stronger bringing customer satisfaction to much […]

Planning the Business Budget

Planning a budget for your business, whether a start up or an established enterprise, is critical to manage your finances as this will determine the success of the business and its growth in the future. Tim Berry, founder of Palo Alto Software, also a blogger and contributor to The Huffington Post explains that budget is […]