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May 2012

Go for the Green Business

Going green on your business has been heralded all over the world, yet aside from saving mother nature, small and medium enterprises set a competitive advantage against the big players by simply going green. Well maybe not too simple, as going green means some changes in lifestyle and most every practices we have grown accustomed to in […]

UCP 600

Credit refers to the trust that allows the creditor to provide resources  to the second party or lender in a deferred payment period. Credit is a risk, therefore, creditors must manage that risk by seeking guarantees. If you have a small business that needs financing through a bank, your collateral can be a property you own, the business itself, […]

CPA for your Business?

  A certified public accountant or CPA is essential to corporate financial decision-making and keeping financial concerns well accounted for. Hiring an accountant full time for your business may be an investment in itself, but in the long run, a good accountant is a powerful ally in maintaining the financial stability and integrity of any […]