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My brother had his AC and furnace replaced in late May. He went with what you list as the base choice. He paid more or less about the same. They put down a new pad for the compressor, and they had a small amount of sheet metal work to do because the new furnace was about a foot shorter than his 21 year old unit. Installation will included removing all of the old units and hauling them away. Custom installation of all new equipment listed in the package. They will make all needed flue pipe, sheet metal modifications, electrical connections and gas pipe hook ups as past of the job,  and they make all needed refrigerant line connections and set a new support pad for the a/c unit outside as they have discussed. They will cycle and run test the whole job and adjust the system as needed. They will broom sweep the work area and then review the whole job with you upon completion. Payment by check is due upon completion.


It’s been great since then. No issues whatsoever. His gas and electric have all been lower since then. So far, he had saved about $400 in electricity costs. He didn’t go with the 95% because his gas bills were already so low that the difference in cost of the unit and additional installation work would never have been recovered. A couple of weeks ago when it was 95 outside and the dewpoint was 70, the house stayed cool. His house was built in 1984 and the system was replaced in 1995. I think he purchased the house in 2001 or 2002. And, his is Carrier all the way. His house is about around 3400 sq/ft. Just my opinion, and I have zero training in the way of HVAC, but it seems to me these more expensive units have a lot of added plumbing to them and it just seems to gum up the works. I have a friend with a 2 stage Trane system that has both electric and gas heat on the furnace. It’s given him nothing but trouble since he got it a couple of years ago. He’s contacted ac repair in Phoenix AZ to come fix it and they were able to fix. Until now his 2 stage Trane system works like a new system. And they had to remove some landscaping stones because the condenser unit had to be moved away from the house to leave room for the vents.


The company is a reputable one and highly reviewed online. We’ve also used them in the past off and on for about 15 years. It’s a 30+ year old company. So I don’t necessarily have an issue about them making things up or trying to recommend unneeded work.

Here is the message he sent him:

As you may recall, the reason why I was there was because our service technician found some safety issues with the furnace heat exchanger and issues with the a/c system. Additionally, there was some discussion on improving the air flow through the system and how best to that. When we met, I noticed some areas of concern that were restricting air flow, such as how the old a/c coil was positioned over the furnace and how large the supply duct work was compared to the size of the furnace and it’s blower delivery. We spoke of how to improve these areas of concern by using properly matched cased coils above the new furnace and talking to you about the advantages of the newer blower motors used in our furnaces today. Having the proper matched components installed together will ensure that you get the best air flow rates and capacities out of the system, which certainly will help moving more air flow to your son’s room. All of this being said, I firmly believe that you should replace both units at the same time to mitigate the problems and gain the greater comfort and reduced utility bills.

*This package does not qualify for any utility, manufacture or federal rebates

*This package offers better heating with the stage operation on the furnace and stronger blower motor. The new a/c unit is 35% more efficient than your old one–and being the newer refrigerant model–will offer better cooling.


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