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If you are thinking of quitting your job and become an Athens Ohio realtor because a friend or a family member is successful with the real estate business.  First, do not wave the discount flag. If something goes wrong with a transaction and it is swirling around the bowl, sometimes you will have to kick in some of your commission to salvage it. If you are already discounting, you are going to have little to nothing to kick in. And another down side about discounting, your services should be worth what people pay. If you are going to start off with discounts, is it really placing the appropriate value on your service? I know I bust my bottom for my clients and they know it, so they compensate me accordingly.

Second, talk to everyone! Take yourself out to breakfast and chat with the waitress if she knows anyone who wants to buy or sell a home? If she thinks of anyone, she will have your card. Get into the habit of doing this with everyone you meet. Find out a bit about them first, then start talking about real estate in general. If you come across as knowledgeable and hard working, you will get business. It doesn’t cost a lot of money, just a lot of time, but it pays off.

Third, if you don’t have listings to advertise or hold open, ask the another Athens Ohio realtor in your office if you can hold open one of theirs. Send out flyers on the open house to all the neighbors. Start to farm the area around your own home, sending out a newsletter every other month, and getting involved with community groups. Join BNI or any other networking groups that you feel comfortable with. Do you volunteer? Fund raise for the local animal shelter, join Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Friends of the Library, etc. – anywhere you can meet people.

I’ve gotten business from the grocery store line, people I talked to while walking the dog, even from a quite tipsy gal I met in a bar bathroom. People want to do business with a smart, trustworthy agent – be one, and make sure everyone knows it.

Do not hound your friends and family for contacts. The only other good way to alienate those folks is to start selling Mary Kay or something. Ask once in a blue moon if the timing seems right, maybe they ask how it is going for you. Say something like, “I am out there everyday trying to get customers. Do you know of anybody thinking of buying or selling?”

Try try try to stay positive and spend time with positive people. It is really easy to get down for some, especially when all this money is going out and you are not getting checks.

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