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For those who have done it or are considering it, what’s the thinking behind ‘wrapping’ the car in another color? I guess I get it if it’s an odd color, but a some friends have recently talked about wrapping satin white over a black paint. Why not get the pearl white car. Columbus Ohio car wraps is cheaper  than it is to repaint. It is a pain to keep a black car looking clean. Dust just seems to show more on dark cars IMHO. I’ve owned black cars in the past and will never again. At least not until I can afford to have it detailed once a week (or more often). They do look awesome when clean!

There’s also the repair factor. If the wrap shows scratches or marks, no biggie. It can be replaced entire or in part. Paint, not so much. At least not oven-baked multicoat “with a piano finish”.

As an aside, in Germany most of the Taxi cars are wrapped in that awful off-white color. This way it is easier to sell the car later on – just remove the wrap and you have the “original color back – like blue, black, red, etc. and it is more resilient to scratches and much cheaper to replace.

I saw someone put a 3M Autobond on a Mercedes S-class in 2001 and it still looks like it rolled off the showroom floor save a pebble mark or two on the upper hood, which was easily addressed with a dab of touch-up paint. Wrapping the whole car is like putting a screen protector on your iPad or iPhone- great if you’re OC, but otherwise of little real utility.

A lot of people also recommends Columbus Ohio Banners. Here’s a testimonial from their client ”I’m extremely pleased with the quality, precision and consistency that Atchley Signs & Graphics utilizes when producing our trade show graphics. Trade show displays continue to be an important part of our marketing strategy, with over 100 trade shows each year, it’s a great feeling to know that we can depend on Atchley Signs & Graphics great work. ”

Don’t consider doing the job yourself. I wouldn’t do a car wrap on a bet (though I occasionally get stuck doing box trucks.) Contact Atchley Signs & Graphics, they can walk you through the design layout aspect including the bleeds needed and sometimes the things to watch out for.

Pricing information for vehicle wraps, paint protection, and trade show banners can be found on their website, or of you would like a specific quote, feel free to email them.

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