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Great Deals and More for Smart Shoppers

The economy may have been experiencing a downturn affecting almost all companies and people worldwide, but that does not mean there isn’t anything you can do to survive and even do ways to counter its effects. The key is to make yourself innovative, keeping abreast of changes and opportunities available. Sure, you’re doing everything you can to […]

Be an Effective Business Speaker

As true entrepreneurs, we know very well that a single well-thought-out idea is not what it only takes to gain a foothold in a particular market and grow a business successfully. Success in business is not just about talent, education, or skill, but also about innovation, creativity, old-fashioned hard work, resilience, and the ability to foresee […]

Planning the Business Budget

Planning a budget for your business, whether a start up or an established enterprise, is critical to manage your finances as this will determine the success of the business and its growth in the future. Tim Berry, founder of Palo Alto Software, also a blogger and contributor to The Huffington Post explains that budget is […]