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How to Handle Customer Complaints

Customer complaints are unavoidable in any business or enterprise and handling such issues can be very challenging. Even careful operation does not make you immune to having unhappy customers. To handle customer complaints effectively, here are some points that you can follow: – Listen. Listen and put yourself in the customer’s shoes and understand the situation […]

Knowing your Opportunity Cost

Opportunity cost refers the cost of missed opportunity. Scarcity of resources such as time, capital or people forces us to choose something at the cost of giving up another. Opportunity cost is always quantified in financial terms, and it is a crucial component in every decision-making process. When opportunity cost rises, the expected return from […]

Marketing through Networking

Networking is a marketing technique done by an individual, rather than a company, to enhance contacts or personal connections for promotion of a product or service. Networking utilizes interpersonal relationships and social networks, and make the most of these networks to bring in more customers to the business. Networking a great way to expand one’s […]