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Incredibly beautiful and amazingly diverse lands,the pictures you have in your head of old western movies,many of which were filmed in Sedona, and Grand Canyon. It’s a wonderful state to explore and each area has something special to offer. It would be best of course if you could get out there beforehand to pick where you want to live. Love the sun especially having spent a cold winter in Boston. Traffic is not as bad as in Los Angeles. Have to travel quite a bit to our favorite resturants though. Arizona has plenty of hidden treasures; you may find during your research or from talking to others some place you’d never considered–or even heard of before.
Moving to Glendale AZ

While any agent will tell you that they can handle your transaction regardless of where the home is, as a practical matter a local agent will probably do a better job for you.

I’d contact a very good and trustworthy realtor like Deborah Mitchell for Glendale homes for sale. If they don’t work the area you want, you could pick their brain and have them recommend an area based on your description and refer you to another Realtor. Or find ind a Glendale magazine and some newspapers (may be available online), or do a search for “Glendale real estate” or something along those lines.  Those local free real estate magazines can give you an idea of what areas strike your fancy–as well as to give you a “ball park” on going prices. And there’s nothing like an in-person visit with an “open” itinerary–keep your options open, sometimes Kismet happens! There is a big difference between driving around a neighborhood and seeing a “nice new” house on-line. A lot of clients I have worked with in the past have interviewed agents. That way you can get a feel for who would be a good fit for you. Come prepared with a lot of questions. Also, ask friends, family and co-workers for referrals. Chances are they have worked with someone great! But also spending some time in downtown Glendale to figure out which neighborhoods you would be comfortable owning property in.

I used a moving company that did it all for me and it was a hassle too – if you use one make sure you read the fine print on the insurance – I thought I had but when it came time to collect on a ton of damaged stuff the insurance was no where to be found and I really had to fight for months on end to get it settled.

Glendale is a great place to live. There are some really nice areas. If you look around Glendale, try and stay as north as possible. Since your hospital is near 59th ave, I’d go up (north) that street about 5-8 miles, and you will be in the Arrowhead Ranch master planned community (or surrounding neighborhoods). It’s a very safe area with lots of shopping. Your commute would be a BREEZE. There are mountains and lots of trails that many people go on, but you’ll be seeing dirt and that’s about it- no trees.

Please be assured that there are many wonderful, well-kept, safe areas in Glendale, and you do not have to live way up in the northern reaches to be in a safe area. Demographically,  the people there are Caucasian, university graduates. I just want to point out that some posters seem to fear living closer to downtown Phoenix because they perhaps are afraid of diversity. I have friends that are so happy to be more centrally located and able to avoid traffic jams on the freeways, and know they can even take public transportation if the gas price goes up. You’ll enjoy living closer to old town Glendale, with the railroad running through town, with the old houses, town square, antique shops, library, and band shell in the park. There are many nice areas — you have to come and look. And there is always the option of renting while you get to know the area a little better. There is a very nice subdivision with well-constructed solid block homes adjacent to the hospital — it would be a great place to live. You would be within walking distance of Saguaro Ranch Park, the hospital, the Post Office, Walgreen’s, Home Depot, a grocery store, Applebee’s and other restaurants, the Glendale Adult Center, the main Glendale Library, and Saguaro Ranch Elementary School, which is in the Peoria School District, and several churches. It’s a wonderful location — you could walk to work and lots of other places, too! The neighborhood around there is very pedestrian friendly — you can walk to all the places I just mentioned, which is unusual in the car-oriented Phoenix area.

Downtown Glendale

Downtown Glendale Antiques

glendale arizona twilight farmers market

Downtown Glendale

Historic Downtown Glendale Holiday Season

Downtown Glendale Az Christmas Season

Downtown Glendale Az Christmas Season

Arizona also has plenty of hidden treasures; you may find during your research or from talking to others some place you’d never considered–or even heard of before.

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Glendale Arizona Sunset

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