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A friend is a small business owner Phoenix, and he have been using payroll company phoenix for about a year now. They have been excellent to work with, she received some very good advice when I opened her business. She recommends them to any business owner in Phoenix.  After opening her business, she needed to run Payroll for herself, an assistant, and an employee. The payroll company phoenix helped her not only do that but also advised her on ways to reduce her costs and taxes. Their communication and payroll services were excellent and clear. They keep everything turning so my friend can focus on her clients. They’re really responsive, have excellent details in their invoicing, and are often looking for ways to help my friend increase efficiency, protect herself, and minimize their billable hours. From the mundane credit card reconciliation to the in-the-trenches look at her tax records from before she started with them, they can do it all.  Don’t try to do your own payroll taxes. The key reason is that there’s a lot involved paperwork/filing-wise and unless you are diligent and thorough you can quickly be looking at significant IRS/State fees or penalties for misfiling or late filing of anything.

She really feel like she have a Swiss Army knife as her book keeper now.  At one point, my friend asked to reduce how often they ran payroll to reduce her payroll expenses, and they didn’t flinch – they asked questions to understand why she wanted it, and they really cared about how they could help my friend manage to make things easier and better for my friend. On MULTIPLE occasions, my friend needed advice on forms and info she was receiving from the EDD, and they were quick to answer.  My friend will be closing her business to reform it, so she won’t be working with them anymore, but they continue to impress my friend with their level of service and respect for my friend as a customer and person.  My friend said that there need to be more businesses like them. Trustworthy, a wealth of information, and always willing to go above and beyond to help anyone. My friend said that working with him was one of the best decisions she  made during the startup phase of her business and she cannot recommend them highly enough. My friend said that she believes that they are the best value in Phoenix for payroll services.

They have been an invaluable resource in connecting my friend with associates in other fields, such as, , insurance agents, 401K advisors, business attorneys, etc. Every one of their recommendations has been a great fit and they’ve all worked out well (in terms of getting the job done and being cost effective). This has been a great help to my and has served us much better than the constant trial and error you sometimes get when trying to find the right fit for these business services.

If you’re thinking about getting someone to take over your payroll – give them a call. Their fees are very reasonable, he’s very straight forward about his costs. And my friend cannot stress how much time and energy you’ll save by handing your payroll over to them.

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