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Wonderful local small business and place to get your printing done. It is run by friendly folks. Prices are affordable and quality is spot on. Friends get their stickers, brochures, print ads, banners, or business cards printed here almost every week for my business purposes. I came to print services Phoenix  after a not-so-great experience with my usual “go-to” printer in the city of 3 years. I was so unhappy with my printed proofs, but my printer told me this was as good as it was going to get. I trusted them, but I didn’t want to believe it. So I decided to check out print services Phoenix for a second opinion, and boy am I glad I did! They were so nice. They listened to my qualms, looked over my proofs, and told me they could absolutely be better. Their team got to turn around a print proof within 5 minutes and calmed my anxieties. The proofs looked great and I was able to pick my finished products up the next day. Talk about speed and quality! Pricing was on point as well.  Perfection! I had the pleasure of working with them who were swift, responsive and very helpful!

A friend was throwing a birthday party for her children…which she will be doing, without guilt, for as long as she can get away with it! The first day she sat in front of her computer looking up invitation ideas. The second day she tried to make said ideas come to fruition. She said that she is not as computer savvy as she once was about 15 years ago, because her genius plan was to use Microsoft Paint to create the extraordinary birthday invitations. Two painful hours later…she was still staring at Microsoft Paint, well, a blank screen any ways.

She digress. I contacted print services Phoenix and that same day she had a digital proof her my inbox! She made a few adjustments, which they were happy to oblige. Two days later my friend was happily licking envelopes and getting ready to mail those beauties out!

As far as my friend is concerned, print services Phoenix is some sort of wizard. And she liked it. A lot. She said that she will be using this company again without question and will gladly refer them to friends and family! She said that the quality work on top of an amazing customer experience.

Another friend had the tiniest little stationery job and had emailed a few local printers about a quote. Some never responded and of the few that did, none but print services Phoenix gave him a truly helpful response, answered his questions, and made him feel like they actually wanted my (albeit $120) order. The turn-around was incredible, my friend had his finished run in-hand 18 hours after delivering a “final” file, and that after a few rounds of back and forth where my friend changed his mind, trying to feel out this print shop. They were wonderful and accommodating. My friend said that he hopes to have more and/or bigger projects and excuses to work with print services Phoenix again.  He also had some bus cards  made up. He had an idea of what he wanted and left it with the graphic designer, came back the following morning and he was delighted with the sample and in the blink of an eye they had 500 printed out. They even gave my friend a tour of how everything works there!!  They have real passion for their work and they even threw in a few extra cards! From the designer to  printer to the receptionist and the owner all very professional and friendly.

I would recommend them without reservation. Me and friends have never had such excellent service at a print shop before, nor have I ever spent this little for such beautiful prints.  Don’t be wary of their website. Even if you are, at least go get a test print done.  I will certainly be using print services Phoenix for all of my future printing needs. Ridiculously fast, great service no matter the project size, and no nonsense. As good as it gets!

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