Reinventing your Brand

Brands prove to have an emotional connection with people as they most certainly have proven their value and familiarity. However, the emotional factor alone may not be enough, because now is a different marketing field.

Apart from other emerging brands, customers have become more discriminating and their buying behavior has changed. And as technology advances rapidly, customers get easier, less expensive access to information, which helps them directly compare one brand to another.  To succeed, a brand must continuously revitalize and reinvent itself. To stay on top of the minds of your customers, here are some tips that you can do to reinvent your product:

–          Know your market segment and have a deep understanding of their needs, purchase behavior, and preferences.

–          Introduce product variants or extensions that are meaningful to customers, not just for the sake of launching a new product.

–          Consider changing your product with the lifestyle and purchase preferences of your customers as they change a lot. Be sure that your products tackle these changes to keep it relevant to customers.

–          Create excitement through an improved look or product packaging. Remember that the manner a product is presented or packaged is very important in communicating your value proposition to customers.

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