The Challenges of Being your Own Boss

The entrepreneurial world is a path less taken by many people as it requires the necessary skills, knowledge, burning passion, resources, and gut feel to succeed from. In addition to these, experts say that only 30% of new businesses remain standing after 5 years, making the dream of becoming an effective entrepreneur a very risky path to take for some.

With the challenges accompanied with becoming an entrepreneur, how can you stand out and grow and make your business a sustainable one? Here are some tips that you can consider, especially helpful if you are a start-up business:

1. Take responsibility. Focus on solutions to keep you moving towards success. What did not work? What else can be done to improve your results? Realize that you have control over yourself, your company, and over what you can do in any situation.

2. Make a schedule.  As a business owner, you will be the sole person to constantly remind you of your tasks until you get the job done. Set your schedule where you put time frames on the list of activities you need to accomplish during the day.

3. Establish a strong network. Meet new people and lead yourself to a sales presentation with people you meet, cultivate connection, and be interesting and convincing to get their business.

4. Seek accountability partners/mentors. Ask partners/mentors to check that you don’t procrastinate on your goals to succeed as you also check on them regularly.


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